Netgear Extender Setup By

Netgear Extender Setup article guides you on how to set up an expansion of the Netgear range. Your extender will be connected to your wireless router until you follow the netgear genie configuration procedure correctly.

NOTE: You need to put your extender in the same room as your main router when you install the Netgear extender configuration. You have to check if your extender is linked to your main router once the setup is finished. Once the extension is correctly attached, you can put the Netgear wireless range extender where you have not received the wifi signal.

netgear extender setup


netgear extender setup
  • All power sources must be attached to a wireless extender. 
  • You need to turn on the Netgear range extender, then on the netgear front turn, it will display power light to green. 
  • Using any wireless device, such as a laptop or phone, and then connect to the NETGEAR_EXT Network in the wireless settings. 
  • The prefix network name of all Netgear wireless range extenders is Netgear Ext. 
  • Whatever laptop or tablet you use opens a web browser on the same computer and scans directly for and its go’s to the configuration page of the Netgear genius where you can mount your wireless Netgear extender. 

Tip: If you connect your computer to the Netgear range extender and login to in your application URL bar, anybody can still control the extender configuration tab.

The Netgear Genie Setup lets you explore the range of your Netgear range extender with the current wireless network. When the scan is completed, the wireless link list will be seen within the range shown.

Setup of Netgear Extender 

  • Choose the name of the current wireless network to be boosted or expanded.
  • Password if your current wireless network is allowed. Put in the current wireless network’s wifi password. 
  • If your router supports a 5 GHz wireless network, pick your current router ‘s 5 GHz wireless network and press Proceed. 

Pick the My Router alternative that does not allow a 5GHz wireless network, and then press Proceed.

NOTE: If your wireless network has failed to connect to the Netgear  WIFI Extender and Wireless Router, review the following options: 

  1. Test the current wireless network’s wireless network authentication key or password. 
  2. In the same space where your main router is mounted, attempt to mount the Netgear wireless range extender. 
  3. To refresh the wireless network, try to turn off and power on all your computers. 
netgear extender setup
  • Check all the decisions to make sure they are right. Continue, then. 
  • Setup of Netgear extender 
  • Then connect to your wireless router or computer with your extender.